COVID-19 Policies (last updated September 1, 2022)

True North will continue to do its part to ensure our programs are following any current public health guidelines.  Below are a few COVID-19 precautions we continue to take:

  1. Camper and Staff Screening - Campers will be provided with a Health Pass, to be completed each day at home by their parent/guardian. Campers will be required to show their completed health pass to their Program/Clinic Director upon arrival at our program. Any staff or campers that fail the screening will not be allowed to attend our program that day. This screening will include contact tracing of the parent/guardian present at pick up/drop off.  If no camper health pass is presented at check-in campers and parents will be asked any screening questions on-site. All of our staff will perform a self screening before arriving at our programs.

  2. Masking - Masking will be optional indoors and outdoors for both our campers and staff. However, we strongly encourage the use of masks when transitioning indoors and during times when strenuous physical activity is not being performed.  We recommend that all campers who attend our summer camps come to camp with masks packed.

  3. Vaccination - All of our staff are fully vaccinated. Campers are not required to be fully vaccinated to attend our program unless the program takes place at Branksome Hall.  More information on Branksome Hall's COVID-19 policies can be found here.

  4. Sanitization and PPE - We will be sure to make sanitizer and PPE available at our programs for both campers and staff. We will also continue to sanitize equipment frequently throughout, before or after our programs.