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Team Weeks

Teams can sign up for a week of camp together to focus on individual player skill development as well as team concepts - it is a great opportunity for team bonding in a summer camp environment! During the team week, our coaches will run at least one team practice isolated from the rest of the camp and tailor some of the drills based on the team's needs. Before the start of the team week, the camp's Program Director will reach out to the team's coach to discuss any goals they would like to accomplish. 

Benefits of a team week include: a discount for all players, guaranteed spots until a certain date, and skill instruction tailored to your team's needs. Please note that there are no minimum sign-ups required!

To schedule or learn more about our Team Weeks, please email us at


I am a coach of a North Toronto Baseball Rookie Ball team (kids in grades 2 and 3). For many of our kids this is their first year playing proper baseball (as opposed to t-ball). We were able to arrange for a two hour training session for the team. Jeremy and Gabe ran the session. As a person who played baseball at a high level and taught baseball for many summers, my expectations were quite high. These guys were fantastic. They provided a very high level of technical instruction but broke it down in a way that these kids could understand. They also provided the kids with many helpful tips to help them remember the skills they have been taught. In addition, the energy level of the coaches was every bit as high as these very enthusiastic young players. The other parents and I could definitely see improvement after only two hours. I would highly recommend the team training session and I have no doubt that the camp sessions are just as good if not better. Thank you very much guys.

— Adam P., Rookie Team Coach