My son had such a great time at the Multi-Sports Camp in Markham. The councillors were amazing! They made him feel welcomed and the activities were super fun. They also took the time to get to know each child. Camp manager Carl was awesome making me feel at ease the first couple times I dropped him off. He took the time to answer questions and addressed any concerns and gave great updates during pick up. I will definitely bring my son back to True North Sports Camps and would recommend them to anyone else!

- Z Gafoor, Parent

I am sitting in watching my children's basketball class and I am super impressed!!!! The coaches are amazing and engaging and encouraging and kind. The kids are totally captivated and the programming is thoughtful and appropriate for the age and all different skill levels. We have participated in many different organized sports and this is by far the best company we have participated with. Well done!

- Cheri G, Parent

Re Whitby Camp: Excellent camp, instructors enthusiastic, energetic. I could only send my daughter (Mai, 10, beginner) for one week this year. Due to our prior commitments, we couldn't extend another week. But we'll be back next year for 2 weeks. She's already talking about it.

- Greg B, Parent

As a first-time True North baseball camp parent, I was immediately impressed by the enthusiastic and responsible councillors in comparison to other camps we've attended. They would greet us warmly every morning and whisk Isaiah away to start some activity. At the end of the day, he was always smiling and sweaty from an active day. My son also had rave reviews everyday about the skills he was learning and hopes to return next year. The report at the end of the week was the icing on the cake and he eagerly showed the whole family. Thanks for a great week!

- Danielle F-S, Parent

I booked their coach to come over to host a kids birthday party for about 20 kids. They arrived 40 min. early to set it up, sat down with the birthday boy and see how they could make his party better, took care of the kids who were a little shy and didn't know how to get into the game. I was impressed by how great the crew was with kids, especially Shantel. Totally recommend!!! 5 Star service!

- Christine T. Parent

First experience with this camp ( junior baseball at Lawrence park) and I would highly recommend them! My son had a great time and was excited to go to camp everyday. He learned many useful skills and was eager to share his experience when he came home. We will be returning next summer!

- Roselyn H, Parent

To begin, I just wanted to say what a great time Max had at camp last week! He thoroughly enjoyed himself and was still talking about it today on our way to soccer camp!!! From my perspective, I cannot tell you how impressed I am with the staff. They are so enthusiastic and excited - it is literally contagious as you can see it in all of the kids faces at both drop off and pick-up! So thank you and congrats to your entire team!

— Aimee B., Parent

Hi everyone!

I want to thank you for two wonderful weeks of baseball for my son. Your staff and program were outstanding. Ezra learned so much and his skills improved greatly. But more importantly, he had a wonderful time, felt connected to and loved by his counsellors, and was proud of his accomplishments. Ezra is small for his age and often has to work harder to keep up with kids that are bigger than him. At NTBC, he could shine and was even recognized for his hard work (MIP :)). It made him feel so special.

Thank you all for providing an amazing, joyful experience for him!

— Rochelle C., Parent

Julia and Jonathan,

After having had the time to read through Issy Teddy and Luke's scouting reports, I continue to be SO impressed at the enthusiasm, fun, kindness and encouragement you and your staff inject into NT baseball camp. All 3 kids had a terrific time last week and will surely be back.

— Joanna, Parent

Hi Julia,

I just wanted to let you know what a fantastic job I think you guys do at NT baseball camp! My son Noah was there last week. He had been a few years ago and loved it, and really wanted to go back.

Your staff is phenomenal! They really make an effort to make the kids feel welcome and have a great time. I know that this is not actually the experience he has had at all the camps he goes to, and I think it makes all the difference!

Please pass along my gratitude to your fabulous staff, you guys run a first rate program, and we will be back! He wishes he was back this week, and not where he is!!

— Judy P., Parent


Our son Justin attended the NT Baseball camp in one of the hottest weeks all summer! Even with the scorching temperatures he was excited to go to camp everyday with no complaints. He LOVED it. Justin tells us he learned more at 1 week of camp than he did all season with his baseball team. He learned so much that he was "star of the game" the week of baseball camp!! Thanks to all the guys - it was a fantastic week and we look forward to doing a couple of weeks next year.

— Marianne and Joe G., Parent

Hi There,

My son Sam was in your session the week of August 9 to 13. I wanted to give you a quick note to say that Sam had an absolutely fantastic week. Every night he came home with a new skill and was anxious to demonstrate what he had learned. The attention he received and the great feedback he received from you and the other coaches was tremendous for building his confidence. As you noticed, Sam has a lot of fun playing and wants to be the best player he can be. I found your Skills Evaluation form very specific and very focused, which means you were paying attention to what he does well and where he needs to improve. We read it to him on the car ride up to the cottage on Friday and he identified with all the feedback for improvement. He had a big smile when you called him "All Star of the Week".

Thanks again for making this a special summer for Sam. See you next year.

— Donna B., Parent

Hi There,

Just a note to say WOW! Connor had a blast this week at baseball camp! You guys put on a great camp and really know how to work with all the kids, at every age and every level. Connor has such a love for the game and this week was perfect for him! He'll be back next year for sure! For Connor, this week was truly unforgettable... "Mom, Dice K is a coach" (you know he's a huge Red Sox fan) to the secret hand shake with Gabe and a big thanks to Simon for the shades! Thanks guys... you're the best! I always like to tell people when they've done a great job... especially when it comes to my kids!

— Holli S., Parent

Hi Guys!

I have to tell you just how much Harrison loved the camp. You guys did a great job, were fantastic with the kids and the 'report cards' you handed out were really helpful. Harrison, as you know, is fairly new to baseball but has really developed a taste for the game and you guys just made it all the better for him. He has read the report card over and over. Thanks again for a great two weeks.

— Drew B., Parent

Hi Guys,

Benjamin had an amazing week at flag football camp and is definitely looking forward to returning next summer! He would love to be back for either week 4 or 5 but unfortunately we leave for vacation tomorrow morning. From everything we can tell from Benjamin's commentary the camp was well-organized and he certainly learned a great deal and had a lot of fun in the process!

Enjoy the rest of the summer and we look forward to enrolling again for next summer.

— Nadra, Parent

Hi Julia,

Noah had the most amazing time. He absolutely loved your camp. I just wanted to reach out and let you know how profoundly Noah was affected by the wonderful program and amazing staff. Last night Noah woke up briefly in the middle of the night and was singing the flag football chant he learned and he told me how much he missed the guys. He will definitely be spending more time with your camp next year.

— Nicole, Parent