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During these difficult times with the COVID-19 virus, we wanted to find ways to engage our campers while they are unable to participate in many of their regular sports programs.

Throughout the spring, we developed a variety of free resources that include a warm-up, one to three games and a cool down activity that you can do at home!  These drills, games and activities can either be performed in order or you can simply pick and choose the activity based on your child’s interests.  

Below you will find activities for both the 4 – 7 age group and the 8 – 14 age group - keep in mind these age groups are just a recommendation, if you feel that an activity listed in another age group may be better suited for you child give it a try!

In order for us provide the most value to families, feel free to fill out the form below with any games, activities or drills you would like to see from us.  We would love to see you trying out these games at home - tag us @truenorthcamps when sharing on social media!

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