Our Holiday Wish List For Toronto Sports Teams


We hope you are looking forward to a safe and happy holiday season! The holidays are a time to get together with family and friends, indulge in festive foods, and watch the same movies you watch every December (See: Home Alone). It’s also a time to be generous, be it through gifts for the family or donating to those in need. As sports fans, there are items on our wish list that you can only dream about unless you own the team. Here’s a look at True North Sports Camp’s wish list for Toronto sports teams:

Blue Jays

  • The Blue Jays to sign Shohei Ohtani. A superstar from Japan who can both hit and pitch at an elite level? Yes, please! - Gabe Diamond, Co-Founder, True North Sports Camp
  • For Marcus Stroman and Aaron Sanchez to become best friends again. - Jeremy Weisz, Co-Founder True North Sports Camps
  • Team speed. This is something we were “promised” last year but instead, we signed Kendrys Morales and re-signed Jose Bautista.  Perhaps Lorenzo Cain would be a good fit? Oh, and blister cream for Aaron Sanchez J - Blake Koester, Director of Operations, True North Sports Camps
  • To trade Kendrys Morales for more DH flexibility. - Umesh Haran, Counselor, True North Sports Camps
  • Re-Sign Josh Donaldson to a long-term contract. - Gabe Nisker, Counselor, True North Sports Camps

Maple Leafs

  • Besides acquiring a top 4 defencemen, optimize the roster we already have by playing Kasperi Kapanen, Josh Leivo, and Connor Carrick and benching Matt Martin and Roman Polak. – Gabe Diamond
  • Affordable tickets - Tyler Abbott, Director of Sales and Marketing, True North Sports Camps
  • Who knows if he was hinting at something when he told the media “They can improve defensively” but I want the Leafs to sign Drew Doughty. – Blake Koester
  • To use their forward depth to acquire a defencemen – Umesh Haran
  • Get home ice in the playoffs – Gabe Nisker

Toronto Raptors

  • A three-point specialist who can guard Lebron James. – Gabe Diamond
  • Trade for Marc Gasol – Picture this like having JV but way better.  A centre who can play help defence, pass the ball and not get stripped in the post. – Blake Koester
  • Bring back Vince CarterUmesh Haran
  • A long, successful playoff run – Gabe Nisker

Toronto FC

  • Sebastian Giovinco stays in Toronto for his entire contract. – Gabe Diamond
  • Bring home the MLS Cup – Seeing as we are in the thick of the playoffs and this seems realistic, why not wish for a championship! – Blake Koester
  • For The Reds to win their first MLS Cup! - Jeremy Weisz
  • TFC to win the championship next weekend! – Gabe Nisker

Toronto Argonauts

  • Rickie Ray plays past 40 years old. – Gabe Diamond
  • The Argos signs Tim Tebow to play back-up QB - Jeremy Weisz
  • The Double Blue can double up on championships with Back-To-Back Grey Cups – Blake Koester

Finally…Blake also wishes that the Air Canada Centre remain the Air Canada Centre (Or perhaps Scotia Bank Gardens?) and the Rogers Centre changes names to the Rogers Skydome. Is that too much to ask? Wouldn’t it be nice if it were this easy? Post your Toronto sports team's wishlists below and tag us @truenorthcamps!Register-Today


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Gabriel Diamond
Gabriel Diamond

Gabriel is one of the Co-Founders of True North Sports Camps. He coached AA and AAA baseball at North Toronto Baseball Association from 2006-2013. Currently, Gabriel works full-time in real estate investments and has a passion for sports writing.

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