5 Ways Sports Programs Can Build a Child’s Confidence

5 Ways Sports Programs Can Build a Child’s Confidence-800x533

Did you know sports participation can build your child’s confidence? According to psychology today, sports have been proven, time and again, to help kids build their self-esteem and their confidence by giving them the skills and attitudes they need to succeed in everyday situations.

Sports participation has been linked to better concentration, improved academic performance, and so much more. Which is why it is super important to stay active all year long! Don't let the cold, wet weather stop you! Here are 6 ways a spring camp can build a children’s confidence.

1. Promoting Physical Literacy

Were you somewhat clumsy as a child? Perhaps you knew someone who was or maybe your own child is just a little accident-prone. It’s all natural. Children are still in the process of mastering physical movement. Sports participation allows them to explore their fundamental movements more as they play all day.

This promotes physical literacy. Mastery over their own movements can help children feel more confident as they navigate the world around them.

2. Mastering a Skill

Physical literacy is important, as is the mastery of foundational movements. With spring camps, however, children are also working toward the mastery of specific skills. Whether they’re playing baseball or soccer or participating in a multi-sport camp, children who are taking part in spring camps have a chance to hone and perfect their sports-related skills.


3. Promoting Teamwork

Spring camps give kids an opportunity to work on another crucial skill: teamwork. Through teamwork, every child can experience success. Working as an important part of a team, your child may discover how they can contribute to the team effort. Maybe they’re really good at catching the ball, or perhaps pitching is their forte. Working in a team can help them find their role and learn to play with others.

The teamwork experience of spring camps can help your child find their role off the field too. They may feel more confident as they work in groups for class projects or in social settings with friends and peers.

4. Discovering a Passion

Children are in the process of mastering many things, and one of the most important is their own identity. Children spend a lot of time discovering who they are and what they like. Participating in a spring camp could help your child discover a passion for sports!

Children with passionate interests who are allowed to indulge in those passions tend to exhibit more confidence. Their passion pushes them to master a skill or new knowledge, which in turn gives them more confidence. Furthermore, a passion can help your child define their own identity.

5. Meeting New People

Some children are shy and may not like speaking up in class; they may try to avoid social situations. When put into the situation of a spring camp, however, these children might surprise you! The focus on teamwork can encourage children to come out of their shells as they meet new people and make new friends.

It’s clear spring camps or any camp for that matter, can help children build confidence in a number of different ways. So think about your options this year and consider just how beneficial a spring camp can be for your child.


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Tyler Abbott
Tyler Abbott

Tyler is the Director of Sales & Marketing at True North Sports Camps. He graduated from the Professional Golf Management Program at Georgian College, has a passion for playing sports and keeping fit. He grew up in a small town playing rep hockey in the winter, and golf in the summer.

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